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Airlift movie box office collection full and final

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 The Bollywood drama-thriller airlift movie Download was release at 22th January of the present year. Akshay kumar and nimrat kaur was acting on the movie and make it perfect. Over that it makes another story of success in director raja Krishna menon’s career. Now we are going to tell you about the full box office collection of the movie. 

Before explain airlift movie box office collection we going to share some interesting fact what is related and works for make more profit of the movie.

  • Airlift makes after a real story: by bone Indians and Bollywood lovers have very soft corner for movie, film, and other TV media. They also like movie what is makes after inspire from real story. Airlift is an example of them.
  • Director and experience: the director of airlift film have enough experience to make movie for Bollywood. Before makes the movie he makes baby the film with same hero (akshay Kumar).
  • Own audience: everyone who are related with the move airlift, have own audience. Of course it will an important and positive reason to make the film success.
  • Better promoting: before the movie release, it was promoted highly via various way. The production house – T series promote the movie on their official YouTube channel and Facebook fan page. Director also use TV, poster and every other media to promote the movie.

All those matters are worker to make the movie perfect and success. At same time the movie was release on 3 different language on various hall. That’s why a lot of peoples who are connected by lot of language are able to watch the movie at the release time.

Airlift movie box office collection and budget summery

After calculate all cost of airlift making purpose is near about 30.9 cores. After over 5th weak the movie have collect 99.6 core on their box office. Not only that, those songs are also earn a lot. It is near about 5 core. Over all 105 core is the average collection by airlift project.

Everyone are related with the airlift movie are become satisfy because its success. The main achieve is not better airlift box office collection. The main achieve is that, people are really takes the movie positively. And the real story of the tragedy have been published on the movie. Over day the movie get not only success but also love of people in times. That over to describe to airlift movie box office record. 

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