Friday, April 8, 2016

Raees movie – download and full update

Posted by Unknown on Friday, April 8, 2016

Again Shahrukh khan is getting ready to make a huge boom in 2016 at Bollywood world. Her next blockbuster, Raees movie will be release on upcoming EID festival. There are some different attraction to get the movie specially. On the movie SRK does not be a hero actually. Something like a villain.

About Raees movie detail and update  

Raees movie will the turning point of SRK and mahira khan career. Here I describe about Raees movie below.

Star cast, Actor actress – the director Rahul set Raees team with a huge better actor and actress. SRK, mahira khan, Farhan Akhtar and other professional actor and actress will work in the movie. Ram sampath is the music composer of the movie and he will compose all the song.

Story – the movie have better story and it is around Gujarat. Once upon there a business man in Gujarat named Raees alam.  He have better business about drug and other negative product, prostitution also. He have many political power also. On the movie, director will show, how situation destroy the dark world of villain.

Release date – the movie will release on the EID festival on India. Not only Indian, Bangladeshi and Pakistani peoples are also waiting for the movie. This time SRK (Shah rukh khan) will make a history by the Raees movie.

Hope you will watch the movie on hall.

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