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Some noticeable information about airlift movie – 2016

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Four month ago t-series announce ta relies date of upcoming film airlift. All over the team of this movie (actor, actress, crew, writer, musician, and other) was working hard to make it natural. Whatever it is movie what is true story base. We are discuss about the airlift movie download story before. Now we going to share you some more interesting point of this movie. Let’s enjoy.

Some Noticeable information about airlift movie – 2016
Akshay kumar

  • This is the first time where Akshay kumar and Nirmat kaur working together in a movie.
  • This is first movie what is made of true story and Nimrat kaur works there. But it is not first true story based movie for Akshay. 
  • This is not first time where Akshay kumar (actor) and Neeraj Pandey (director) works together. They also works together in movie like 'baby'
  • This is the first movie what is made on the tragedy what was happened in Kuwait at 1990. There are no other movie what is made on this tragedy. Surely the story of airlift movie, is still unique. 
  • On this movie Akshay kumar was cried without glycerin. It was simple natural. 6. More than 2 thousand crew was worked on this movie. 
  • The most interesting part is that, toe it is an Indian movie but 95 percent video was recording from Kuwait.
  • Maybe this is the first tragedy movie where Arijit-sing was singing a song. By the way this song also sad love song like what are he was singing average.

Aakshay kumar has known to as an action hero of Bollywood. It is after a long time when he works in a tragedy move (where he does not as an action here). The movie is a mixed with love, Patriotism and a few sad memory. Hope the movie will succeed. Let’s see what will happened next.

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