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Possible message of the Bollywood movie airlift – 2016

Posted by Airlift movie on Tuesday, December 29, 2015

It is the ending time of 2015. At this year in Bollywood, there relies I lot of blockbuster movie like Dilwale, Phantom, Brothers, Bajrangi Bhaijaan, ABCD 2, Mr X etc. It is a very business friendly year for movie producer, actor, and movie directors. By this side it is easy to expect that the continuousness will be running on next 2016 & the film of Akshay kumar Airlift movie will become success. Now we go to discuss about the message of the upcoming movie Airlift. Stay reading…
Message of Bollywood movie airlift 

Hope everyone watch the trailer of this movie what is already published on YouTube. On this trailer you can watch a businessman who explain abut a tragedy named “Ranjit katyal”. He said that he was a business man who was introduce him a businessman to Kuwait. However he was a rich and powerful man he become cordial when he saw the jeopardy of people from her motherland. Maybe it bear the message of love of own domestic people who lives in abroad together.

There are a music video where viewer can watch Ranjit left her wife for a few time, because of saving own domestic people. On this sad song people can understand the message that Ranjit was really loves her country, and Shawdeshi people (people from own county) more than his wife.

At the finishing of the airlift movie download Ranjit will be able to save those people and return them to India. Maybe it will the first tragedy movie in Bollywood in 2016. Of course the story, costing is better. Now time to see what will happened next. By all those discussion we are try to explain the possible message of airlift movie. Actually we just share our thinking from our focus. You can share your thinking by leave a comment on our comment box.  

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