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Bollywood blockbuster Airlift movie trailer – present by Nimrat Kaur and Aakshay kumar

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This is the time in Bollywood to present another blockbuster movie airlift. Recently they relies the Airlift movie trailer on YouTube. Most of TV channels are promote the trailer also. The video of airlift movie trailers duration about 2.11 min. About the 2.11 min director keep the main focus on Aakshay kumar who play the role as ranjit katayal. The main feature of the video clips is, there are no romantic seen.

Airlift movie trailer 

Those dialogue are present on Airlift movie trailer

 Those best dialogue are on the trailer of airlift movie. All those are delivery by Ranjit katiyal. He says about a tragedy from her own life story. After view the trailer you can feel how much strongly he devilry those dialogue, what is enough to make attention of viewer.

mera naam Ranjit katiyal. unniso nobbai (1990) tha Kuwait main meri naam sa kuch lok darte thee.. kuch lok jalte thee..
Leken mere naam se saab lok jurana cha te thee... Agar usi saal august main halat haam paay asay habi huea.... ar ek lakh sattar hajar (170000) Hindustani kio taraf... ich naam bhi ki koi kimmar nai rahi.
Amrita katayal, Prity jayrajal, Jaj kutti, Meher punabala, Pandarna Chowdhury, Ibrahim dowrani... e jasi kahi Hindustani ka oki naam jeno serf doo bat o ki joraithi.
Ek yea, ki dunia une vul chuki thi,
Dusri us baat ki samaj, keya aaj une bacha chagta to samaj sref oon desh, jese unu ni khod yaad karna band kar dia tha.
Airlift!! hindustanio ki lia, hindustan ka sabsa kamyab kousish

Reaction about Fans of Airlift movie –

Before explain the reaction of people I want to ensure you something. That the maker of airlift movie download is Raza krisna menon. And her another movies are D-Day and Baby. From the beginning time when he start to make movie, he was make her own audience for tragedy movie. By that sequence her audience are really waiting for the movie airlift what is relies on 22 January of next year.

The fan reaction can understand when you check the view, comment, share of the trailer in YouTube. All of they are badly ready to watch the movie. As it is the education about human thinking, that’s why all of family children to elder person can watch by sitting beside.
 Airlift movie trailer on YouTube
The official channel of T-series what are YouTube are published the trailer video on 17th November of 2015. After 20 days of relies the view reach more the 50 lakhs time with a lots of likes and huge comment of fans. It’s only about live on YouTube.  

Watch the airlift trailer video here now.

Here the download link of the video. You can download thevideo by any format.

The look of Aakshay kumar in the trailer –

Aaksahy kumar called the khiladi kumar of Bollywood. Most of time he get action look for her character on movie. But Aakshay does not play the character as an action hero on this movie. He play as a superhuman who saves 170000 Hindustanis life.

The look is raff and tuff. Most of time Aakshay present himself with court and pant. Few beards, and full of seriousness is the main part of her character. Her sitting style, walking style, hair style and talking style are as like as a merchant.

Check something more about airlift movie

Watch the exclusive video trailer of Airlift movie now, and comment us about you comment. Your comment is our pleasure. Hope all of you stay with us and enjoy the trailer. 

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