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Airlift movie wiki – character, shooting place, story and relies date

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Hello there- now we are present a short repot about the movie airlift. The name of our report is “Airlift movie wiki”. In this report we goanna show you those character, shooting place, story, relies date, budget and everything shortly. Let’s check the report. Stay reading…

Airlift movie wiki team
Airlift movie wiki team

All those character of airlift movie – 

  • Aakhay kumar – the name of his character is (Raanjit Katyaal)
  • Nimrat kaur – the name of his character is (Amritaa Katyaal)
  • Feryna Wazheir - the name of his character is (Taasneem)
  • Lena Kumar – the name of his character is (jayarajan kannur)
  • Purab Kohli – the name of his character is (Ibrahim Durrani)
  • The Director and writer name is – Raza krishnaa menoon


Story – 

Raja krisna menon
Raja krisna menon

 It is true story, what does play on the movie. It’s about 15 years ago at 1990, there are a business man, named Raanjit, was lived on Kuwait. But by born he is an Indian. Once there comes a time when Kuwait involved in a war with Iraq. On that time there 170000 Indian people fall in danger. And Raanjit become a hero and save them. Full detail here.

Shooting place –

In India shooting – 10 %
In Kuwait – 90 %

Airlift movie shooting
Airlift movie shooting

Relies date –

22 January, of 2016. The budget of the movie is 30 core RS.

Shooting time
Shooting time

After reading the Airlift movie wiki, Hope all of you guys have interested to watch the movie at hall. Don’t forget to share about your thinking of the movie. Stay with us. 

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