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Airlift movie: introduce with lead character, budget and team.

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In India there are a huge movie about tragedy. But at the time of airlift movie download maybe this is the first time there will realize a tragedy based movie what is depend on a true story. “Airlift movie” was the name of the movie. The movie relies on the very early of next year (22th January). When the TV channels was starting show the trailer of the movie, there are make a big demand of the movie. Let me explain the lead character, budget and team of the movie.

Director and Hero of Airlift movie

Airlift movie team and budget

The total Budget of the movie is 30,00,00,000 Rs. (30 core)

Actor / actress
Aakhay kumar
As Ranjit katayal
Nimrat kaur
As amrita katayal
Raja Krisna menon
Production house
N / A

Raja krisna menon

The director Raja Krisna menon was have hard work to make movie perfect. How much he do hard work can understand after see the trailer. Director says that he does not edit the true story, that why the movie can make a perfect test.

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