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Indian people love their musician a lot

Indian people love their musician a lot

In India, their people have few things to be proud. Like their cricket, movie, and freedom. Music is one and important thing of them. They are really proud of their music and musician. Their musician is really talented and loyal about own work. Each time they product lot of great and awesome music to their fans. this is the reason Indian all people love their musician and give them a lot of respect and waste money for music.

People of India love their musician 

Have you any idea about the price of the ticket of underground band concert? Most of the time it crosses the 200$. In fact, Indian people also waste this amount for music purpose. Because of they are love to go at the close of their musician. Few of time at the time of concert if anyone says any negative thing about musician then it may go to till fight. There are a lot of police case are happened about this matter. Hope you understand the music craze of an Indian nation.

Their musician also takes more the core for a movie. It is also a unique thing from the perspective of the international music world. In fact, Hollywood musician is not got this much salary for a movie. The honest things are Indian musician also loves to make happy to their fans.

There are a lot of worldwide famous musician in India. Like AR Rahman, Atif Aslam and other. All of them are represent India to the international platform. This this is possible for the love and support of Indian fans. Few of fans are really crazy who can sacrifice own life for their favorite celebrity. Few international non-Indian celebrity is saying that Indian fans are the most of the cute fans ever.
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Saturday, March 25, 2017

Naughty bollywood actress and their sexual matter

Naughty bollywood actress and their sexual matter

Here I present few hot and adult Bollywood actress who present them as a sexy toy everywhere. Think Bollywood isn't sufficiently striking? Reconsider, for we convey to you 16 best topless scenes in Bollywood that will make your jaw drop! Share them on facebook.

Naughty Bollywood actress ever you see

Check those sexy actress below. Hope you will be after watching this one.

16. Barbara Mori in ‘Kites' (2010)

We know she is a Hollywood performer yet we truly couldn't have passed up a great opportunity for this topless scene.

15. Deepa Sahi in ‘Maya Memsaab' (1993)
Bollywood Actresses Who Went Topless On Screen
Not an extremely known name in Bollywood, the exceptionally strong Deepa Sahi uncovered everything on the extra large screen in a superhot cherish making scene with Shah Rukh Khan in the film 'Maya Memsaab'. Better believe it, with SRK!

14. Simi Garewal in ‘Mera Naam Joker' (1970)
Bollywood Actresses Who Went Topless On Screen
This one has Simi Garewal showering stark stripped. We're certain you recall this one as of now.

13. Zeenat Aman in ‘Satyam Shivan Sundaram' (1978)
Bollywood Actresses Who Went Topless On Screen
Zeenat drummed up some excitement in the film business with her intense as ever topless melody in the film.

12. Seema Rahmani in ‘Sins' (2005)
Bollywood Actresses Who Went Topless On Screen
Seema Rahmani as well, seemed topless in a few scenes in this film inverse Shiney Ahuja. It's a disgrace that this motion picture got restricted before individuals could even watch it! Try not to stress, here's a still.

11. Kareena Kapoor in ‘Kurbaan' (2009)
Bollywood Actresses Who Went Topless On Screen
The Bollywood diva dazed every one of us with that hot love making scene in the tune "Rasiya" and obviously the topless blurb!

10. Paoli Dam in ‘Hate Story' (2012)
Bollywood Actresses Who Went Topless On Screen
This Bengali stunner set the screen on fire with her strength by seeming topless in the film's publications!

9. Neha Dhupia in ‘Julie' (2004)
Bollywood Actresses Who Went Topless On Screen
We begin the rundown with this photo of Neha Dhupia resting bare on the bed that created sexual arousing in huge numbers of us when her film "Julie" discharged.

8. Udita Goswami in ‘Zeher' (2005)
Bollywood Actresses Who Went Topless On Screen
Udita Goswami entices Emraan Hashmi in a super arousing strip scene in "Zeher" and leaves the gathering of people needing for additional!

7. Anu Agarwal in ‘The Cloud Door' (1994)
Bollywood Actresses Who Went Topless On Screen
Who knew the affection struck Anu Agarwal would go ahead to include in a standout amongst the most unequivocal and totally bare love making scenes ever in The Cloud Entryway?

6. Poonam Pandey in ‘Nasha' (2013)
Bollywood Actresses Who Went Topless On Screen
This originating from Poonam Pandey, not astounding by any stretch of the imagination.

5. Lisa Haydon in ‘Rascals' (2011)
Bollywood Actresses Who Went Topless On Screen
Lisa Haydon's insidious strip bother just can't be missed.

4. Sunny Leone in ‘Jism 2' (2012)
Bollywood Actresses Who Went Topless On Screen
What's more, exactly when you thought Sunny Leone couldn't get any more sweltering, she knocked our socks off with the superhot topless scene in Jism 2.

3. Nandana Sen in ‘Rang Rasiya' (2008)
Bollywood Actresses Who Went Topless On Screen
What's more, deserting them all with the most smoking topless scene in the historical backdrop of Indian film is this 48-year-old lady we can't quit dribbling after.
2. Mandakini in ‘Ram Teri Ganga Maili' (1985)
Bollywood Actresses Who Went Topless On Screen
Think Bollywood on-screen characters today are strong? Mandakini did the inconceivable by getting wet under a waterfall wearing only a straightforward white saree 30 years prior!

1. Sonali Raut in ‘The Xpose' (2014)
Bollywood Actresses Who Went Topless On Screen
No one may recollect her or the film yet we're certain everyone seen the Mandakini motivated topless shot of Sonali Raut in the trailer.

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Bangladesh vs. Srilanka 1st ODI 2017 live streaming Channel 9 online

Bangladesh vs. Srilanka 1st ODI 2017 live streaming Channel 9 online

The Bangladesh is going to fight with Srilanka at the cricket match at the date of 2017. This is the time of the first match of 5 match series. Venue and host of the Bangladesh vs. Srilanka live streaming both are Lankan.

Before the match of ODI their player was playing a pair of the test match. A score of test match is level at 1-1. That means Bangladesh are won one match and other one won by Srilanka. We know you are here looking for live stream of Bangladesh Vs. Srilanka online. Both of Channel 9 and Ten sports have broadcast the game live. You will be happy to know that there you get Channel 9 online live streaming.

Bangladesh VS srilanka live streaming 1st ODI HD

Bengali people are looking for their desire Bangladesh vs. srilanka live streaming for the first ODI match. Here you can get the free and premium service of the live stream. On this site only we are providing the Bangladesh and srilanka 1st ODI live streaming free. On our online live television stream, you will find the popup ad less smooth and HD video quality Channel 9 live. There all one-day cricket format game of this series will broadcast on this website. You will be happy we are totally non-profitable organization and at the below, we add few side of our service.
  • Popup free and bufferless 100%
  • There you need zero money to watch from our website.
  • Fully shareable and free also to use.
  • We share the channel 9 online live TV, and it is a kind of promote Bangla language.
  • Your cache and cookies are safe on our website.
  • There no option to leaked your privacy.

Hope you will be happy after reading those things. You will be happier after know that this site is totally made for your real time entertainment. It will make the impact on Bangladesh and srilanka cricket civilization. The game is now celebrated on Bangladesh as their pride. After every match won people are celebrating that like a happy person.

Why live stream of Bangladesh VS srilanka online

There lot of reason to provide this service on our website. There is no political intention. We are just Bangladeshi cricket supporter. And here we use google AdSense for a little review. But that is not the main intention of the broadcast live stream of Bangladesh VS srilanka. The main intention is to promote and get fun from Bangladesh cricket. Hope Bangladeshi national cricket team will beat srilanka better and get a huge win at the first match.

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Gazi tv live TV streaming at full HD determination

Gazi tv live TV streaming at full HD determination

Welcome to watch Gazi tv live streaming Bangladeshi entertainment portal. The primary concern is we communicate out administration at the top notch quality. We know you are searching this tv live streaming for the different proposed like viewing the Bangladesh cricket live, news, fun, and excitement. We are all the Bangladeshi individuals are love to chat on Bangla. Adjacent to that Gazi TV will investigate the office to associate with Bangla hone. We hope to you that, you will demonstrate your adoration by imparting this connection. And your companion and bookmark possess.

Gazi TV live streaming better quality

Bangladesh gets to be distinctly enhanced step by step. Gazi TV online live is an incredible case of this administration. Trust you can feel the change that once individuals can't manage the cost of a cost of TV. Be that as it may, now they can watch TV on the cell phone by means of web live stream. What's more, Bangladesh cricket is another issue on this subject. Individuals have loads of cash likewise they adore sports. A couple of western amusement like cricket and football are well known in our nation. Trust you can get this point. We get the progression to advance the dialect on the web by means of the live stream. It will be better simple on the off chance that you will keep a couple of more stride with us.

Gazi TV online television how you can bolster us

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Channel 9 live TV streaming at full HD resolution

Channel 9 live TV streaming at full HD resolution

Watch BD channel 9 live streaming on this website. The main thing is we broadcast out service at the premium quality. So, stay our site to get read feel of live TV.

Loading the player...

We know you are looking this tv live streaming for the various proposed like watching the Bangladesh cricket live, news, fun, and entertainment. We are all the Bangladeshi people are love to talk on Bangla. Beside that channel 9 will explore the facility to connect with Bangla practice. We expect to you that, you will show your love by share this link with your friend and bookmark own.

Channel 9 live TV streaming better quality

Bangladesh becomes improved day by day. Channel 9 online live is a great example of this service. Hope you can feel the change that once people can’t afford a cost of television. But now they are able to watch TV on mobile phone via internet live stream. And Bangladesh cricket is another issue on this topic. People have lots of money also they love sports. Few western game like cricket and football are popular in our country. Hope you can get this point. We get the step to promote the language on the internet via live stream. It will be better easy if you will keep few more step with us.
Channel 9 live streaming
Channel 9

Channel 9 online TV how you can support us

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Thursday, June 2, 2016

Airlift movie box office collection full and final

Airlift movie box office collection full and final

 The Bollywood drama-thriller airlift movie Download was release at 22th January of the present year. Akshay kumar and nimrat kaur was acting on the movie and make it perfect. Over that it makes another story of success in director raja Krishna menon’s career. Now we are going to tell you about the full box office collection of the movie. 

Before explain airlift movie box office collection we going to share some interesting fact what is related and works for make more profit of the movie.

  • Airlift makes after a real story: by bone Indians and Bollywood lovers have very soft corner for movie, film, and other TV media. They also like movie what is makes after inspire from real story. Airlift is an example of them.
  • Director and experience: the director of airlift film have enough experience to make movie for Bollywood. Before makes the movie he makes baby the film with same hero (akshay Kumar).
  • Own audience: everyone who are related with the move airlift, have own audience. Of course it will an important and positive reason to make the film success.
  • Better promoting: before the movie release, it was promoted highly via various way. The production house – T series promote the movie on their official YouTube channel and Facebook fan page. Director also use TV, poster and every other media to promote the movie.

All those matters are worker to make the movie perfect and success. At same time the movie was release on 3 different language on various hall. That’s why a lot of peoples who are connected by lot of language are able to watch the movie at the release time.

Airlift movie box office collection and budget summery

After calculate all cost of airlift making purpose is near about 30.9 cores. After over 5th weak the movie have collect 99.6 core on their box office. Not only that, those songs are also earn a lot. It is near about 5 core. Over all 105 core is the average collection by airlift project.

Everyone are related with the airlift movie are become satisfy because its success. The main achieve is not better airlift box office collection. The main achieve is that, people are really takes the movie positively. And the real story of the tragedy have been published on the movie. Over day the movie get not only success but also love of people in times. That over to describe to airlift movie box office record. 

Friday, April 8, 2016

Raees movie – download and full update

Raees movie – download and full update

Again Shahrukh khan is getting ready to make a huge boom in 2016 at Bollywood world. Her next blockbuster, Raees movie will be release on upcoming EID festival. There are some different attraction to get the movie specially. On the movie SRK does not be a hero actually. Something like a villain.

About Raees movie detail and update  

Raees movie will the turning point of SRK and mahira khan career. Here I describe about Raees movie below.

Star cast, Actor actress – the director Rahul set Raees team with a huge better actor and actress. SRK, mahira khan, Farhan Akhtar and other professional actor and actress will work in the movie. Ram sampath is the music composer of the movie and he will compose all the song.

Story – the movie have better story and it is around Gujarat. Once upon there a business man in Gujarat named Raees alam.  He have better business about drug and other negative product, prostitution also. He have many political power also. On the movie, director will show, how situation destroy the dark world of villain.

Release date – the movie will release on the EID festival on India. Not only Indian, Bangladeshi and Pakistani peoples are also waiting for the movie. This time SRK (Shah rukh khan) will make a history by the Raees movie.

Hope you will watch the movie on hall.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Bollywood upcoming movie "Raees" news.

Bollywood upcoming movie "Raees" news.

Every year Bollywood make some new and latest record. Upcoming Bollywood blockbuster Raees movie is go to make another record. The movie is act by Bollywood king SRK (shahrukh khan). The most attractive point of the movie is, on the movie SRK present himself as a bahi. And he will play a role as a villain.
SRK in raees movie

This is the first time, Mahira khan and Farhan Akhtar will act on same movie with SRK. On this movie, farhan Akhtar preset him as a actor. But he will not sing any song, like before. Already the movie have make its own crowd. 2 month ago raees movie trailer was release on YouTube and Facebook. A huge of like comment and public attraction was make it more acceptable. 

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Airlift Full Hindi Movie 2016

Airlift Full Hindi Movie 2016

We Provides Indian Airlift Movie’s all details like cast and crew, Full movie HD Trailer, Shooting places and many others Special Elements for you. You may know that, The Movie Airlift Shooting is going to on the full creative from different place from different parts. The New 2016 Movie Airlift scheduled by Actor Akshay Kumar with Nimrat Kaur. The movie shoot completed recently on the place of United Arab Emirates. A large number of news broadcasting media channel informs that the shooting of Airlift went really so well more than we expect. Read the below to learn more A to Z about  the Airlift Movie.

Airlift movie latest wallpaper
Airlift movie latest wallpaper

Airlift 2016 movie Full Reviews & Cast:

Airlift 2016 Movie! It is a New Hindi drama type film, which is powered by Raja Krishna Menon. This film is founded on the incidents in the Gulf War, which is occurring in Kuwait in the year of 1990. Nimrat Kaur and Akshay Kumar are the main role in the Airlift 2016 Movie. Here, Akshay Kumar production the role of Ranjit Katyal who was an Indian businessman.  The Music of Airlift 2016 Movie  is composed by the brilliant person Shankar Ehsaan Loy and Singer KK has a song in the movie Airlift on May 2015 for Pranay M Rijia the Music Director.
The Top class Singer KK provide a New wonderful Song on the New Airlift 2016 Movie. The Movie team informs that 50% or more length Movie parts shot in India. Raja Krishna informs that the Airlift 2016 Movie need 3,000+ people for a  shot in the dessert. The message they asked by the public Actors and Actrees by Media. The Shooting of Airlift 2016 Movie started on 20th February 2015.

Airlift Movie 2016 Latest News:

To describing about Airlift Movie Latest News, it must include that Akshay Kumar is returning back again with an EDGE of the seat thriller. It is the based on a true story of the major human emptying of Indians based. In Kuwait during the Gulf War in the 90. The Airlift 2016 Movie trailer starts with a phone call to the “Ministry of External Affairs”. On here, Akshay acts as Ranjeet Katiyal, who plays an Important role with a powerful Indian businessman based in Kuwait. He wants to discuss about the situations of the Indians living in his country.  He again asks for serious help. Then what he observers are the politics and government of the countries. Ranjeet is similarly threatened by an Iraqi Major. He asks him to leave the country with his family. Ranjeet, one man, risks his family’s life to do the right thing and leads this heroic mission of leaving Indians when Iraq attacked Kuwait in the 1990. The Desire Story and Some other New Story Recently published on twitter. This news also took a popular place on the different social networks.

Airlift movie Trailer 2016 Full HD Free Download :

Airlift Movie Trailer released on YouTube and some others Video Platforms many days ago. You can Watch online or Download HD Airlift Movie Trailer any times in anywhere you may want. We highly Recommend you to Watch the Airlift Movie Trailer from YouTube because it is very easy to Watch any video on YouTube. We’ll also be Providing the Original Download Link to save your valuable times after finishing the content via Video Source.
If you want to Watch the Airlift Movie Trailer on the Other video Platform or find out a source from different Search Engine. It is too easy. Just go to your Default search Engine or Other Search Engine where you want to search. Now type “Airlift Movie Trailer 2016” Watch online or Free Download and press Enter. It is too easy. So, Complete it first.

Akshay Kumar Latest Hindi Movie 2016:

Akshay Kumar Latest Hindi Movie which will release on 22 January 2016 India and most of the other selected country all over the World. Akshay Kumar is a top class Indian Actor. He Started in 1990 and continue till now. A large number of Media Outlet informs that, He came with Success. His Housefull 2 Movie reached more that others. So, Think yourself that, What a Popular Movie it will! As an Akshay Kumar Film, the Airlift 2016 Movie will Hit must. In 2016, It is the Top and a 1st Class Movie of Akshay Kumar. So, Enjoy yourself with your friends and family for  Akshay Kumar Latest Hindi Movie 2016 Airlift.
Research shows that, Akshay Kumar took the place of Bollywood from 1991 till now. It’s time to Think, How popular the kshay Kumar is! You can find out the Successful and Popular Movie of Akshay Kumar. Visit Wikipedia to collect the Akshay Kumar Latest Movie List. If you are a movie lover, you may define more of your favorite movie from his latest movie list. To require any problem to find-out the Akshay Kumar Latest and All Popular Movie list, please contact with us with your detail information by our contact form or comment section. Our specialist team will communicate with you instantly.

Airlift 2016 Movie Box office Collection:

Airlift 2016 Movie Box Office Collection provides the information that it is an upcoming Bollywood Drama Movie. The Movie is directed by Raja Krishna Menon. Also Producted by Aruna Bhatia, Madhu G. Bhojwani, Monisha Advani, Vikram Malhotra, Krishan Kumar Bhushan Kumar and Nikhil Advani. The Airlift 2016 Movie Scheduled for Release on 22 January 2016. The total budget of this movie was 30 cores. In Airlift, It takes the  better positions, as one of the maximum paid actors in Bollywood Akshay Kumar has not charged any kinds of fee for Airlift 2016 Movie. Actually, Each the deal, he will gross the 80% of Revenue from the profit of this movie’s after release. We have also some more information about Airlift 2016 Movie Box Office Collection.

 Airlift 2016 Download Wallpapers:

Airlift 2016 Download Wallpaper for Full Movie Banner, Cover photos, Actrees and Actors Photos get for free.  We have collected more 100+ HD Wallpaper of Airlift 2016 Movie for Free Download. You will get the Exciting and Exclusive First look of Airlift 2016 Movie on the Wallpaper. Four items another Movie Poster also available with our collections. We collected it only for our Important Visitor like you and others who are looking for the Airlift 2016 Movie Banner and Wallpaper.
A wallpaper can Highlight the Full description of a Movie. Generally the Authority of the Move Team releases some attractive Wallpaper of attractive moment. They release and publish it for creating an attractive and curious to the people. He system ill help to get more money from a movie.  So, Download the HD Wallpaper of Airlift 2016 from below.

Airlift 2016 Hindi movie songs:

Are you looking for the Airlift 2016 Hindi Movie Song? No problem! You have now reached the Original Place for Download the Airlift 2016 Hindi Movie Songs. The movie contains 5 items popular songs named as Soch na Sake by Amaal Mallik, Arijit Singh and Tulsi Kumar. Dil Cheez Tujhe Dedi by Ankit Tiwari and Arijit Sing. Tu Bhoola Jise by Amaal Mallik and K.K. Mera Nachan nu by Amaal Mallik, Divya Kumar and Brijesh Shandilya and Soch na Sake version 2 by Arijit Singh.
You can here find the both types of Song like HD Quality Video, MP3 and Other Supported version you may looking for. We keep the Download process very easy so that, anyone can download easily. We always think and provide extra priority to our visitors. So, Download now feels free the Airlift 2016 Hindi Movie Song.

Airlift 2016 Movie Videos on YouTube:

We have already found some Shooting and others Airlift 2016 Move Videos on youTube. The movie team uploaded and published for marketing. After watching the Movie video parts, you will confidently receive an extra knowledge about  Airlift 2016 Move. We highly recommend you to visit YouTube and Watch the hooting parts of Airlift 2016 Movie Videos.
For any assistance about Watching the Airlift 2016 Movie Videos on youTube, You can write us via comment. If you face any problem, we’ll Provide you the Direct link via a comment.

Airlift movie HD information:

Airlift Movie HD Version will come soon here after Officially release it on 22 January 2016. Now, You are eligible to Get the HD Wallpaper of Airlift 2016, HD Trailer Video of Airlift and All D Video Song of Airlift 2016. In the past, We uploaded all of the Full length Movie with 24 hours of release date. Please make sure that you need to return back here again on 22 Jan 2016 to 23 Jan 2016 to Download the Full Airlift 2016 Movie. If you don’t trust, Search on the Other Site which you may trust for getting new release HD Movie Free Download. If you don’t find any other site, please return here again. So, Bookmark our Site in your Browser or Copy our link and save it in a safe place.

Airlift movie full free download links:

Airlift movie full free Download link 2016 is currently under processing. It will Visible by us after the Airlift 2016 Movie publish on theater on 22th January 2015. What do you think about the Airlift 2016 Full Movie Download link? Explain your Valuable comment! Not only you.  Large number of people currently waiting for the Airlift 2016 Movie Release.
The story of Airlift 2016 Movie,  if of the biggest release operation always conducted and will be the first large project of “Nimrat Kaur” in the Bollywood industry.

Airlift 2016 Movie Story:

The makers of the new and upcoming movie Airlift 2016, starring with Akshay Kumar.  It has released the second popular song of the film Airlift 2016. “Dil Cheez Tujhe Dedi” Song from the Movie has now released and has now started trending on numerous Social Media sites and Online Video Watching and Download site. “Dil Cheez Tujhe Dedi song mp3” version also released on YouTube and has already increased Lakhs more of the views.
 Airlift 2016 has Akshay Kumar and Nimrat Kaur plays the essential role in the Top level film 2016. “Dil Cheez Tujhe Dedi” Music track has as apiece the records so far. It already received too many hits and social likes on Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and Other Networks. Airlift 2016 movie is directed by “Raja Krishna Menon” and is scheduled for a release on 22 January, 2016.The Video  and lyrics of “Dil Cheez Tujhe Dedi “ mp3 song have been also uploaded on our Audio category on this website.  Now it is available for download Free.

Airlift 2016 Movie Cast and Crew:

Here we are providing the Cast and Crew of the New and Upcoming movie 2016 Airlift 2016. Full cast and crew section we designed and presents into category based. So, look down below the Airlift 2016 Movie Cast and Crew:
ü  Cast: Akshay Kumar, Lena and Nimrat Kaur
ü   Director: Raja Krishna Menon
ü  Producer: Monisha Advani, Nikhil Advani, Madhu Bhojwani, Bhushan Kumar, Aruna Bhatia, Krishan Kumar and Vikram Malhotra.
ü  Production House: T-Series Super Cassettes Industries Ltd, Emmay Entertainment Pvt, Cape of Good Films and Crouching Tiger Motion Pictures.
ü  Music: Amaal Mallik and Ankit Tiwari
ü  Sound System: Debasish Mishra
ü  Song Lyrics: Kumaar
ü  Cinematography: Priya Seth
ü  Video Editing: Hemanti Sarkar
ü  Story or Movie Writer: Ritesh Shah, Raja Krishna Menon and Suresh Nair
ü  Action Direction: Manohar Verma
ü  Choreography: Ahmed Khan and Arvind Thakur
ü  Costume Design: Sheetal Sharma
Not only the providing Information. There are some more People directly or Indirectly Involved with Airlift Movie download. We will be describing it latter as soon as possible.

Finally, do not need more words. We hope that you have successfully understood about the Airlift 2016 Movie. It is really an Awesome movie. We recommend it and support it by one reason. When we collect the Information from various sources, it might attract us. As our Special visitor, We thank you especially for being with us till the last times. If you have any question, comment us now. Our concern unit still here in response you. 

Friday, January 1, 2016

Some noticeable information about airlift movie – 2016

Some noticeable information about airlift movie – 2016

Four month ago t-series announce ta relies date of upcoming film airlift. All over the team of this movie (actor, actress, crew, writer, musician, and other) was working hard to make it natural. Whatever it is movie what is true story base. We are discuss about the airlift movie download story before. Now we going to share you some more interesting point of this movie. Let’s enjoy.

Some Noticeable information about airlift movie – 2016
Akshay kumar

  • This is the first time where Akshay kumar and Nirmat kaur working together in a movie.
  • This is first movie what is made of true story and Nimrat kaur works there. But it is not first true story based movie for Akshay. 
  • This is not first time where Akshay kumar (actor) and Neeraj Pandey (director) works together. They also works together in movie like 'baby'
  • This is the first movie what is made on the tragedy what was happened in Kuwait at 1990. There are no other movie what is made on this tragedy. Surely the story of airlift movie, is still unique. 
  • On this movie Akshay kumar was cried without glycerin. It was simple natural. 6. More than 2 thousand crew was worked on this movie. 
  • The most interesting part is that, toe it is an Indian movie but 95 percent video was recording from Kuwait.
  • Maybe this is the first tragedy movie where Arijit-sing was singing a song. By the way this song also sad love song like what are he was singing average.

Aakshay kumar has known to as an action hero of Bollywood. It is after a long time when he works in a tragedy move (where he does not as an action here). The movie is a mixed with love, Patriotism and a few sad memory. Hope the movie will succeed. Let’s see what will happened next.